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Spare-Parts and accesories

Shoe-care products


A kit of specially developed shoe-care products wich prolong life and improve comfort and performance of all Bestard leather or leather/fabric-combination footwear. Ideal for footwear with waterproof and breathable membrane e.g. Gore-Tex.


REF.: A003
Spray-on waterproofing for mountain and outdoor footwear.
Add water and dirt-repellence, maintaining support and breathability. Does not soften leather or affect cosmetic appearance.


REF.: A004 (natural) A005 (black)
Sponge-on waterproofing conditioner for mountain and outdoor footwear.
Add water-repellence, nourishes & revitalizes the leather, maintaining support and breathability. Revitalizes dried out or cracked leather.


High density footbed which helps to keep the feet dry and to avoid early fatigue of feet and muscles. Thanks to its capacity to mould itself around the foot, the complete foot finds support and effective shock-absorption at each step.

Lined with strong Cambrelle®, the footbed prevents the build up of fungus, bacteria and offensive smells. It also helps to keep the feet dry thanks to its capacity to absorb humidity, to its breathability and its quick drying.

Outer soles

The latest technology in mountain boot outer soles, with the top quality of an unquestionable leader in the field.


Extreme laces for mountain boots: water-repellent and very resistant.
Available in different colours, thicknesses and lengths.