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Trail Walking

Trail Walking

The TRAIL WALKING family incorporates the newest-generation designs and materials, with which our goal has been to make shoes and boots with a maximum level of lightness, breathability, efficiency and total comfort, incorporating as always the Bestard boot guarantee.

The great advantage of the boots from this family is its extreme versatility: they are shoes and boots which will become your inseparable companion for many activities both in the outdoors and in the city.

Within the Trail Walking family is a range of different models, for use in general in spring, summer or autumn.

Recommended activities are gentle hill- and trail walking, low-mountain hiking, long walks in the nature, travel and, for all of us who have chosen the outdoor lifestyle as a way of life, the simple comfort of everyday use.

All Trail Walking boots incorporating GORE-TEX® technology are durably waterproof, yet with the capacity to expel internal moisture.