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Nadine Saulnier
Nadine Saulnier
Nacida en: Québec, Canadá 1975
Reside en: Suecia y Noruega
Aventuras/expediciones extremas, bicicleta de largo recorrido, alpinismo
Nadine Saulnier was born in Quebec, Canada, but left for travelling at an early age. After some years of backpacking she started to cycle around Asia.

After about three years, on her way from Australia towards Europe, she met with Janne Corax in China and they decided to make further plans together. This resulted in the incredible Chang Tang crossing in 2003, and Nadine became the first woman ever to cross the plateau.

She likes mountains and climbing, preferably high, not too technical peaks in desolate and remote surroundings, meaning long, unsupported and hazardous approaches as one important part of her mountaineering activities. Favourite and most visited areas include Argentina and China.

In 2007, after an epical, unsupported approach through the roadless terrain of the Chang Tang, Nadine made a first ascent on the mythical Kangzahgri, one of the few remaining virgin 6000m peaks, located 600 km. from the nearest road.
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