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Bestard Test Team

Janne Corax
Janne Corax
Nacido en: Mâlilla, Suecia 1967
Reside en: Suecia, Tibet, Argentina
Aventuras/expediciones extremas, guía de montaña, bicicleta de largo recorrido, alpinismo
Janne is today one of the most renowned Swedish adventurer, extreme traveller and climber, especially recognized for his long and incredibly tough biking-tours, as well for his ascents of mountains located in extremely remote and complicated areas. Janne left Sweden at 17 and roamed the world as a backpacker for the following nine years. All continents and over a 100 countries were visited. In 1994 he got interested in cycling and a seven year long bike ride followed. Mountainous areas have always been a favourite and therefore it was logical most of the biking time were spent in Los Andes, Karakoram, Pamir and the Himalayas. In late 2003 a full crossing of the uninhabited and roadless Chang Tang plateau in Tibet was undertaken. After 46 days of unsupported travel in the wilderness, the first ever crossing on bike was a fact. Mountaineering has always been a main interest of Janne and he has been climbing whenever the opportunity's been around. Favourite climbing areas are the desolate Puna in Argentina, the Karakorams in Pakistan, Caucasus, Pamir and of course on the Tibetan high plateau. Every peak has its own charm and reaching a summit is always rewarding, may it be a trekking summit or a Himalayan giant.

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