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Multifunction BG3

END-USE: Trekking, hiking, hunting
COMPOUND: Multifunction + Textil


New revolutionary outsole which excels specially for use on all kind of slippery surfaces where a traditional rubber-sole might fail, such as winter walks on snow and ice, trekking on humid and mossy rock, metal staircases along a Via Ferrata etc.

The development of the BG3 Multifunction system was born with the idea to try to improve the grip of a trekking-outsole on normally slippery surfaces, without having to sacrifice its resistant to abrasion. The now world-wide patented innovation consists of advanced industrial process which permits the use of different kind of materials together, thus benefiting from their different advantages in one single sole.

  1. A High Tech TEXTILE cylinder in each lug for excellent grip.
  2. Soft rubber compound for enhanced grip within each textile cylinder
  3. Hard rubber with high abrasion resistance for protection of the softer parts of the sole and long life of the sole.
  4. EVA microporous midsole for improved shock-absorption and reduced weight.