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Trail Walking Discontinued



Reference 3561
Line Mountain & Outdoor Line :: Trail Walking Discontinued
Upper Water-repellent Perwanger leather and Cordura®
Last FF Tech
Insole Bestflex 2 / Flexible
Outsole Vibram® Pinto + EVA
Weight 1.010 grs / par (UK 8)
Sizes 61/2 / 13 UK
Other characteristics
With the Galaxy and Cosmos models we have achieved a major step forward and the introduction of a totally new concept when it comes to ultra-comfortable hiking footwear: soft, lightweight and with unmatched levels of cushioning and breathability thanks to the use of the new and revolutionary Gore-Tex®Surround™ technology, which allows the heat and humidity to be evacuated also under the plant of the foot without losing its protection and waterproofing.

Within this new concept, the Galaxy is an extremely comfortable and breathable mid-cut leather boot, yet waterproof and offering great performances in terms of support, stability and protection.

Having succeeded in uniting such opposing functions into one boot, Galaxy presents itself as a perfect boot for multiple outdoor activities also at warm temperatures; from long routes along marked trails and roads such as Grand Routes, the Camino de Santiago, the Inca Trail etc., as well as for one-day hill walking or weekend hikes. The Galaxy are also ideal for more aerobic activities such as Nordic Walking and Speed Hiking, or for more tranquil ones such as adventure travels, offering, regardless of activity, always excellent levels of comfort and breathability

Trail Walking Discontinued