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With the introduction of the new models Galaxy and Cosmos in Spring 2015, we have achieved a great breakthrough in ultra-comfy Liking footwear, offering new and unmatched levels of cushioning, breathability and general comfort.


Thanks to the incorporation of the new and revolutionary GORE-TEX® SURROUND® technology, we have been able to design different footwear models which, without losing their protection and waterproofing, guarantee maximum breathability and interior climatic comfort by achieving an efficient 360º transpiration, allowing the evacuation of the heat and moisture also through the plant of the foot, increasing the breathable space in the shoe a 30-40%.

Another great advantage derived by this technology is the cushioning, something which translates into high levels of absorption of impacts at each step, meaning a considerable reduction of shock to feet, knees, hips, spine and skull; return of energy at each step, meaning less early fatigue and higher efficiency during use, as well as an increased level of general comfort at each step.

Our new boots with GORE-TEX® SURROUND® technology are therefore ideal models for use in warmer climates and in activities where greater heat evacuation and better breathability is desired, as for example summer hiking, long hikes in hot climates like the Inca Trail or along GR-trails, athletic activities like Nordic walking, Speed Hiking etc.

  • Highly breathable all around and durably waterproof
  • Keeps your feet dry and comfortable all around
  • Ideal for moderate and warmer conditions
  • Innovative construction with side ventilation outlets
  • Guaranteed!