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Maxim Confort

Maxim Confort

Guarantee of well-being

For the new MAXIM COMFORT collection we have maintained the quality and functionality from our well-known top-of-the-range mountaineering boots, also focusing extensively on the aspects of well-being and health. The result is a collection of exceptional footwear with a unique design and special technical features based on a series of biomechanical, orthopaedic and anatomical concepts, guaranteeing the maximum of well-being for your feet and body. The design and features of this collection also makes it an appropriate choice for many of those who have problems finding well-fitting footwear, for those who need to use orthopaedic footbeds or for any other anatomical or medical reason have problems wearing traditional footwear.

Anatomical Last with extra width
Developed by experts in orthopaedics and biomechanics, this fantastic Last permits a totally anatomical and relaxed fit, without pressure, chafe or rubbing.

Anatomical Footbed
Provides a firm and comfortable support to footplant and arch. Good moisture management through absorption of interior humidity, maintaining a dry foot. Can be taken out and replaced by most individually made orthopaedic footbeds.

Elastic foam
Anatomical foam which adapts to each individual foot-shape, then returns to its original form after each use. Provides high comfort, eliminate stress-points and maintain the foot firmly in the boot in order to avoid inner movement and rubbing.

Cushioning, shock absorption and return of energy.
Several layers of high-quality cushioning materials at the sole guarantee highly efficient impact absorption, resulting in a considerable reduction of shock to feet, joints, spine and skull at each step. Simultaneously, the cushioning-materials transform the impact of each step into a high return of energy, avoiding early fatigue of feet and muscles.

Stability and anti-torsion support
The use of a special anti-torsion mid-sole in combination with a robust outsole provides great stability and security when walking over both flat and mixed terrains. The same components also help avoiding supination.

Anti-pronation support
The incorporation of a special medial support provides lateral support to the arch in order to avoid pronation.

Biomechanical design of the outsole
High comfort and reduced loss of energy when walking thanks to the slightly curved profile of the outsole and its rounded heel, which allow an easy toe-off and a natural and secure touch-down at each step.

Grip and traction
The design of the lugs and the compound of the rubber are carefully designed and manufactured in order to provide excellent stability, security and comfort at each step, good grip on multiple surfaces as well as high resistance to abrasion and temperature changes.

Durable waterproof
Thanks to the use of water-repellent outer materials combined with the wind and waterproof Gore-Tex lining, the Maxim Comfort-range offers an efficient protection against exterior humidity and rough weather conditions, maintaining dry feet.

Thanks to a strict policy of using only highly breathable and sweat-absorbing materials, in combination with a careful manufacture with minimum use of glue and with the incorporation of the waterproof and breathable Gore-Tex-lining, our Maxim Comfort-range offers an efficient evacuation of the humidity created inside the boot (sweat), maintaining dry feet.