Bestard Bengala by Sergio Fernández Tolosa

The Bestard Bengala is one of the new additions to our Trekking Approach family. It is a robust mountain and multi-activity shoe. It has been designed to offer maximum technical performance as a mid-mountain trekking shoe and an approach shoe for demanding terrain, rugged areas and moderate level climbs. Below we share a review that Sergio Fernández Tolosa has published on his website: Con un par de ruedas

Where the Trail Ends

Text and photos: Sergio Fernández Tolosa
An excellent ally for going out to explore

From Bestard in Lloseta they informed us that in a certain way the Bestard Bengala would come to replace the Bestard Mestral that I have used in recent seasons, although, as they told me and I have been able to see on my own feet, both models are really different.

During the last three months I have used the Bengala daily on excursions through different low and medium mountain terrains. Although their current appearance shows some wear on the sole, I am sure that they have a long and intense life ahead of them.

Their strong points: great stability, robustness, extraordinary grip

First Impressions

The shoe is robust and, as is normal with Calzados Bestard, it has perfect finishes, a presence somewhere between retro and modern that I personally find very attractive.

With laces and insole, the weight is 590 grams per foot in size 47 EUR

On the ground

What stands out most when walking with them is the outstanding stability of the footstep.

The Vibram Pepe Shelter sole with Megagrip compound provides grip and adherence, it is excellent on all kinds of surfaces.

As for sensitivity, the necessary dose of information is transferred to the front part of the sole of the foot to have touch and control.

Demanding Profiles

The Bengala is a shoe designed to progress through demanding terrain, whether it is low, medium or even, why not, high mountains –I am referring to the Pyrenees in summer, of course–. Can it be used for hiking in easy areas? Yes, but whether it is the most suitable… Everything will depend on the shape of our foot and the demands and duration of the most technical steps of the excursion.

Waterproofing and Breathability

On the other hand, when crossing streams, walking through wet grass or crossing half-flooded pastures, the inner lining with Gore-Tex Most Breathable membrane has proven to be 100% waterproof, as well as extra breathable.


The Bestard Bengala is a more technical shoe –and for more technical terrain– than it may seem at first glance.

Ideal for: progressing with a firm step through steep and vertical terrain –especially uphill and on rock–, such as Picos de Europa, Sierra de Tramuntana, Montserrat, Guara

Sergio Fernández Tolosa