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Quality Control

The Bestard philosophy has always been to make boots with the highest quality and the most advanced technology possible, always incorporating new and better materials, designs and technical solutions. That this is the correct policy for a company like us, both on short, medium and long term, has been proven by over 60 years of consequent application.

For Bestard, to make a high quality boot has two different dimensions, quite different from one another, but both of equal importance:

  • To make different boots which are each individually and conceptually designed and adopted for giving a 100% efficiency for each different kind of activity and for each kind of different necessity;
  • To make comfortable and long-lasting boots, regardless of which kind of boot or activity.

In order to assure that we really keep up with these two quality goals, our processes of R&D and manufacturing are linked to a number of quality controls and filters; both internals as well as externals, both concerning the factory as well as concerning each individual product.


Before continuing describing each kind of quality control, we are eager and proud to give you the result beforehand:


Of all the boots we sell in a year, we have a rate of 0,4% of devolutions due to some kind of problem with the product: an all time record!

And besides, those 0,4% are as a rule repaired and returned to the client within 24 hours.

Homologation and quality control of the production facilities

The US multinational GORE, world leader in technical membranes and producer of the well known waterproof and breathable lining GORE-TEX®, has a very restrictive and controlled sales policy, working only with a few number of chosen key-clients in each country and in each sector.
Companies which want to be licensed as a client of Gore has to fulfill a large number of conditions, such as product quality, capacity of growth, prestige in the market etc., as well as the capacity of manufacturing and controlling a continuous and improving level of quality and product-performances. For the few chosen factories in each country, Gore continuously and with a frequency of once a month sends its own technicians in order to control the standards and processes and to cooperate in the work of continuously improving them.


Quality control and filtering during the R&D process

Before a new product or model is put into serial production, the prototype has to pass the following filters and quality checks:


Tests of new materials

Before incorporating new materials we always send a sample to the independent laboratory INESCOP ( in order for them to undertake different kinds of tests of for instance abrasion resistance, transpiration, water repellence etc


Team of advising experts

A number of prototypes of a new model is sent to professional mountaineers, who try out the boot in different terrains and weather conditions - often extreme ones. If they find any kind of quality problem or technical failure on the boot, we will keep on modifying and improving it until having reached the kind of boot we want to make, and they want to wear.


Certification by Gore

All new models fitted with Gore-Tex/reg; lining have to be tested and certified by the Gore laboratory in Germany before going out on the market. The boot and all its components have to fulfill the standards set by Gore in terms of durable waterproofness, breathability, abrasion resistance, durability etc. Gore also keeps records and controls the suppliers of all the components and materials.


As one of the many tests undertaken for new models in the Gore Laboratory in Germany, the Gore walking simulator accurately recreates the process of walking in wet conditions by flexing the boot at least 300,000 times in water.
Electronic sensors detect any leakage or other defect.

Quality control during the manufacturing process

To ensure that no boot leaves the factory with quality problems, we undertake the following controls during the manufacturing process:


Waterproffness test

Before assembling each boot, its Gore-Tex bootie is inflated under pressure and submerged in water. Electronic sensors detect the slightest possible defect or malfunction of the membrane or in its thermo-sealed seams.


Finishing control during and after manufacturing

At each working station each shoemaker submits the boot to a rigid optical control. Finally, once finished, we revise meticulously all the components of each boot down to the last detail: the upper, the seams, wear and tear, the lining etc, and here we don’t let through any kind of esthetical nor functional defect.

Quality control of finished products

In order to control that the factory always maintains the pre-established quality levels of each product, we randomly pick finished products for severe tests:


Intensive durability test

Each boot is flexed 500.000 times in water (equivalent of walking 750 km in water), whilst electronic sensors detect any fault on the boot.


Internal and external water-tightness test

A high-speed centrifuge tests the water-tightness of the whole finished boot.

The hardest of all tests: your satisfaction

Finally, once leaving the factory, the boot will now be submitted to the final and hardest tests of them all: your approval, as well as the approval of all the other outdoor and mountaineering lovers who wear our boots; expert sportsmen, professional mountain guides, climbers, forest rangers and weekend hikers alike.


We are more than proud to stand this test with excellent notes, as practically none of the boots leaving the factory are sent back again (0,4% devolution rate). On the other hand, all the emails, cards, photos and letters you are sending us, describing the good results you have obtained wearing our boots, are giving us much joy and satisfaction. We would like to take the opportunity here to thank you all for all those kind messages sent to us, making our day-to-day work really worthwhile.


All boots we receive in return are submitted to a control by our Technical department, in order to see if the problem is covered by our guarantee or not. If yes, we repair or substitute the boot free of charge and no questions asked. If the defect is not due to any manufacturing fault, we offer the owner to repair his or her boot for a smaller cost.
For more information about our Guarantee, please click here,