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Andy Hessberg and Waltraud Schulze
Andy Hessberg and Waltraud Schulze
Andy: Andy works as freelance adviser in ecology and nature conservation, as global expedition adviser and travel journalist. He produces dehydrated expedition food. In his free time he participates in long-distance bicycle competitions, and enjoys his bee hives and big garden.

Waltraud: Waltraud works as principal investigator in plant science and helps with production of dehydrated expedition food. In her free time, she participates in long-distance bicycle competitions and maintains the team website. Together, Andy and Waltraud go on expedition style bike and mountaineering trips to remote regions of the world since 12 years.

Our long year interest is to explore remote regions of the world, it is about going where not many have gone before. We are especially fascinated by deserts, high mountains, and the Arctics.
We prefer to travel in small expedition style, making use of bicycles to cover long distances and explore mountains and wilderness on foot. Our travel philosophy is to be self-contained and self-supplied. In previous years we have successfully explored regions in winter time Greenland, Mongolia, and Africa. We crossed the Australian continent on bike, done a 200 km completely self-supplied hike through the wilderness of the Kamchatka peninsula and have climbed a few snow capped mountains throughout the world. More recently, our interest has focused on the Tibetan high plateau, where we have in the past carried out long strenuous expeditions in bike/mountaineering combination.

During our recent expeditions to unclimbed mountains of the high plateau of Tibet, we had an absolute requirement for robust and reliable gear. Especially since we have started to more and more include also alpine climbing in our touring profile, we have found new and reliable companions with the Bestard Top Trek Alpine boots. Our Top Trek Alpine boots have received their inauguration on first ascents of two mountains on the Tibetan high plateau, where we were faced with the challenges of high altitude and cold temperatures. The concept of the boots with a removable inner bootie kept our feet warm at all times, and the general design of the boot made climbing very comfortable. Our trip turned out to be a full success in all aspects. For sure the Top Trek Alpine boots will go with us for the next adventure!
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Andy Hessberg and Waltraud Schulze
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