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Andreas Günther
Andreas Günther
Reside en: Alemania
Freelancing musicologist and author. He lives in Cologne, Germany, and writes and edits programme booklets for diverse concert venues (e.g. Kölner Philharmonie), ensembles (e.g. musikFabrik) He made several extended trekking tours in the northern part of Europe.
Since several years I undertake extended trekking tours through the mountains of Sarek national park in the most northern part of Sweden. Thereby routes go across difficult terrain without signs of civilization. You have to get over bolderstrewn wilderness, glaciers and firn fields, but also muddy marsh and awkward wade passages. Above all the weather conditions change very often, so even in summer you have to bear high temperatures just as much as never-ending rainstorms, snowfall and temperatures far below freezing.

To enjoy the marvellous, but also challenging nature and outdoor life to the full two things should be clear: first you should have a positive attitude to such trouble, and secondly your equipment should always work well. The more you are away from civilization and you are thrown back upon your own, the more your gear becomes a matter of safety. In this respect I pay special attention to my boots. They should be solidly build for difficult grounds, i.e. they should be skid-proof and give protection against debris. It is also desirable to have the option to use crampons, which requires a particular stiffness. And then, of course, boots should be waterproof and breathable, and they should ensure a good thermal insulation.

When I used my Bestard Boots (Top Trekking Pro) for the first time, I was astonished that they do not only combine all these features excellently, but that they are also extremly comfortable to wear. They have a very good fit and finish so that blisters or other trouble with my feets never have been a matter. Even on "normal" and easy to walk along pathes they don't appear heavy and clumsy as many other boots. For me, another interesting feature is the removable inner liner of the Top Trekking Pro. You can put it easily into your sleeping-bag to protect it from freezing in cold nights, or just dry it seperatly at the fresh air if they are wet after a wade.

My Bestard Boots convinced me completely and I'm looking forward to use them on my next tour.
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