Canyon Guide Lady


After the positive response to our CANYON GUIDE model from many happy users in a big variety of water activities such as canyonering, caving, coasteering, whitewater kayaking, rafting, monsoon trekking etc, we have now decided to listen to the request of several of our customers , offering this model also in a special version for women.

So, as the only manufacturer in the world, we offer this specially designed ladies’ canyoning/white-water boot in small sizes down to UK31/2.

Apart from the small sizing, this model has a slightly less voluminous fit (‘Canyon Lady’ last) and a different colour combination than the original Canyon Guide.

On all other details, the canyon Gulde Lady is exactly as the original version designed and manufactured specifically to offer maximum performance in adventure-sport activities where humid conditions and wet, slippery environments are the norm: caving, canyoning, white-water kayaking, tropical and monsoon-season treks and the like. The designs have thus been developed and the materials selected to satisfy without compromise the most demanding requirements in the following essential areas.

GRIP: the non-marking Vibram Best Idrogrip outsole offers optimal adhesion on wet and slippery surfaces.

DURABILITY: careful selection of materials at the cutting edge of technology in boot manufacture provides maximum resistance to wear and tear both from mechanical abrasion and from permanent contact with water.

COMFORT-PROTECTION-SECURITY: the boot design, its low weight and its special lacing system offer maximum adaptation to and support of the foot, guaranteeing high levels of comfort, efficiency and freedom of movement. This translates to optimal performance from the same boot during both the approach and the water-intensive activity itself. Particular design features include efficient evacuation of water from the inside and the cuff-closure option of the inbuilt gaiter which eliminates the entry of small pebbles.

Sizes guide

Hsub2/subO Microtech y Cordura® / Rubber PRO 
Canyon Lady 
Bestflex 2 / Flexible 
Vibram&reg Best Idrogrip + EVA 
1.090 grs / par (UK 5) 
Cinta lengüeta 
Elementos reflectantes 
Polaina incorporada 
Sistema de atado prolongado para mejor ajuste 
Sistema de evacuación de agua 


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