Boot repair service

Being a small family company located in the heart of the Serra de Tramuntana mountain range, and made up of mountain- and other outdoor sports enthusiasts, it has always been something completely natural for us to work with a series of very clear values and habits concerning our relation to our environment. Therefore, our way of working has always been as respectful to nature as possible, avoiding waste and the bad habits of today’s throwaway society, thus minimizing as much as possible our ecological footprint.
Following our sustainability policy, we not only thrive to make our boots as durable as possible, but we also offer our users the possibility to repair their Bestard footwear at a reasonable cost in order to prolong the life of the boots even longer once some part is worn out, instead of throwing them away. In this sense, we would be happy to repair or change the rubber-soles, the Gore-tex inner lining, the rubber protections, etc.., of your boots, always as long as the upper part of the boots are in a reasonable good condition, and will not fall apart during the repair...

If you are interested in using our repair service for your Bestard footwear (please note that we only offer this service for boots of our own brand), the process to follow is:

  • Please send us a message indicating the type of repair needed, attaching photos of the boot, especially the soles and the upper. This message could either be sent by email, to , or by WhatsApp to the telephone number +34 679 970 883. Upon arrival of your message, we would assess whether a repair seems feasible or not.
  • After a few days, our Customer Service Department will be happy to provide you with a detailed quotation for the repair, where possible. Depending on where you live, we would also agree on how to organize the transport of the boot and which would be the cost.
  • You will also receive a form to fill in for the necessary data for the repair, identification and transport back. The filled in form should be sent to us in the box together with the boot.
  • Once we have received the agreed payment, by bank-transfer or secured credit card payment, we will coordinate a collection time with you and a transport agency will come to collect your boots at the indicated address.
  • Once repaired, we will send the boots back to the address indicated in the form.
  • IMPORTANT NOTICE: During our vacations, mainly August, Christmas/New Year and Easter, the complete company, including the repair service, remains closed. Please plan the timing of the repair of your boot in order to avoid these dates.