Components of a Boot

What is really a high quality technical boot?

Our definition is very clear: a technical boot is a boot that has been designed, tested and adapted, in which for its manufacture we have chosen special technical materials, which provides high performance, efficiency and comfort in different mountaineering activities. The quality, in our way of seeing, is found in the smallest of details but at the same time its very important, and the almost handmade manufacture of our mountain boots, details that define the finish and appearance of the boot, its comfort and durability.

To give you an idea about our way of making boots, and so you can see what is behind each of the product photos in this catalog, we have put together all the components that are needed to make a single boot (Not a pair!).

In this case, all these materials combined with the good work of the union between our technicians and craftsmen, have led to the creation of the TOP Mountain boot with high performance, capable of satisfying the needs of the most demanding mountaineers. The removable bootie, characteristic of the TOP series, can be worn as a comfortable, warm and waterproof shoe inside the tent or mountain hut.

External part elements and supports

A + B. Inner lining made of Cambrelle, highly resistant to abrasion and does not allow the development of fungi, bacteria and bad odors.

C. Internal sponges that protect the Gore-Tex® membrane from metal hooks.

D. Reinforcements to add consistency to the leather.

A. Skin of a piece, made of waterproof 3 mm Russian Leather.

B. Tongue and gusset in 1.2 mm waterproof Napa leather.

Hooks, clicks, high efficiency washers.

A. Identifying labels.

B. Water-repellent threads and cords with high resistance to abrasion.

Removable Gore-Tex® bootie

A. Anatomical sponges that provide comfort and good foot support inside the boot.

B. Neck, made of 1.2 mm waterproof Nappa leather.

C. Inner neck lining that provides comfort and high performance against tearing and abrasion.

D. Outer part of the Cambrelle ankle boot, with high performance against abrasion.

E. Gore-Tex® Duratherm laminated lining, with high thermal and mechanical characteristics and that provides waterproofing, breathability and windproof to the boot.

A. One-piece leather, waterproof 3 mm Russian Leather.

B. Velcro closures to fix the bootie to the outer boot.

C. Tongue grip tape.

D. Identification labels.

E. Tape to heat seal the seams of the Gore-Tex® Duratherm bootie.

F. Interior lining that provides comfort and high performance against tearing and abrasion.

G. Water-repellent 1,2 mm Nappa leather.

Clicks, high efficiency washers. Identifying labels.

Floor Material

A. Buttress and interior buttress High resistance.

B. Protective rubber band, which adds rigidity to the floor.

C. Insole Assembled Bestflex 4, it incorporates a fiberglass shank that provides a high level of rigidity and resistance.

D. Vibram Vertige rubber sole, cramponable, with pyramidal studs that increase grip on ice and snow.