All Bestard products offer a warranty covering damage caused by faulty materials or workmanship. This warranty does not cover failures caused by:

  • normal wear and tear
  • improper use (*)
  • lack of care / maintenance as well as improper maintenance / care (*)
  • contact with aggressive materials, such as fire, sharp edges (rock edges, crampons etc.), animal excrement, construction materials etc.
  • discoloration caused by UV rays and the like
  • wash the product in a washing machine
  • Situations similar to those previously exposed

In the event of any anomaly, and to determine if the failure is covered by the warranty, you must clean the boots and return them along with the purchase receipt to the establishment where you bought them for their first assessment and possible subsequent shipment to Calzados Bestard, SA A copy of the purchase receipt, a note with a description of the damage and the owner's contact details must always be included in the box. If the boot has not been cleaned before its shipment to Calzados Bestard SA, it will be immediately returned to the owner. After an examination carried out by the Technical Department of the company, and in the event that the failure is covered by the guarantee, Calzados Bestard S.A. You can either repair it, or replace it free of charge if a repair is impossible. In the event that it is shown that the article is not covered by the guarantee, it will be possible to repair it at the expense of the final consumer, with the prior consent of the latter.

Proper use

(*) On the proper use of each model: see hanging labels, our paper catalogs and website www.bestard.com. On proper care and maintenance: see the hanging tag of the boot as well as the advice in our paper catalogs and on our website www.bestard.com. In case of doubt about the proper use and / or care of your Bestard footwear, contact the company: atencioncliente@bestard.com