GORE-TEX® Guarantee of impermeability and breathability.

Bestard was the first Spanish brand, and one of the first in the world, to incorporate GORE-TEX® linings in mountain boots. Thanks to a close collaboration between W.L. Gore and Bestard over these 20 years, we have managed to manufacture boots that offer a unique combination of, on the one hand, durable waterproofing, and on the other, an effective evacuation of the moisture created within the boot.

The secret to achieving an optimal result lies in a difficult combination to achieve: on the one hand the use of the GORE-TEX® lining itself, and on the other the selection of materials with high performance features (leathers, fabrics, supports , sponges etc), as well as a careful and meticulous way of manufacturing the boot.

The GORE-TEX® lining is a system in itself, whose main part is a stretched PTFE membrane, whose surface consists of in millions of microscopic pores that gives it excellent breathability. The pores are large enough to allow vapor molecules that are created inside the boot (sweat) to pass through, but at the same time small enough to prevent water molecules from passing through (rain, snow ...), making it waterproof.

The complete lining is made up of different functional layers, which protect the membrane, contribute to a long duration of the inner lining, a good absorption and evacuation of sweat etc ... Thanks to the different functional layers of the lining, there are different variants of GORE-TEX® lining, all waterproof and breathable.

  • Engineered for all-day comfort in any winter conditions, includig rain, snow and ice
  • Optimal combination of breathability and insulation keep feet dry and comfortably warm in cold to very cold temperatures
  • Feet stay warm and dry, newer sweaty - even in extreme conditions
  • Durable waterproof protection stops moisture from seeping in
  • Durable waterproof and breathable
  • Optimal climatic comfort:
  • For moderate temperatures
  • For a wide variety of outdoor activities
  • Moderate insulation for adequate heat retention
  • Durable waterproof and breathable
  • Optimal climatic comfort:
  • For high and moderate temperatures
  • For intense physical activities
  • Without insulation, in order to minimize heat retention
  • Highly breathable and durably waterproof
  • 360º breathability, keeps your feet dry and comfortable all around:
    • All round inner climatic comfort: allows the foot to breath in all directions, including through the footbed.
    • Ideal for moderate and warmer conditions.

Other tecnical linings

The more air a material traps in a given space, the greater its insulating value. Because the microfibres in Thinsulate™ insulation are far finer than other fibres, they trap more air in less space, which makes it an outstanding insulator which also is light, breathable and moisture-resistant..

The difference between one material and another is sometimes difficult to see when a boot is new. This is the case with the material we use for the inside of the collars of our mountain and trekking boots, an area with great potential for comfort and durability problems due to abrasion, humidity, wrinkles etc. Unlike leather or many other synthetic materials, RIGATO maintain its soft and smooth surface even after several years of use; without holes, without wrinkles…

A woven, abrasion resistant lining made of a breathable synthetic fibre with a particular structure that absorbs moisture and then releases it quickly, maintaining the feet dry. The fabric is soft to the touch and prevents the build-up of fungus, bacteria and offensive smells.

Lining designed for excellent moisture-management and comfort: it does not crease, it is resistant to odours and mould, and it is completely breathable, maintaining dry feet.

Ideal for running and multi-activity shoes, AIR-MESH is a very breathable, yet very resistant technical lining.

Feel the classical comfort of genuine, supple leather lining, reinforced on the heel for higher abrasion resistance. Our leather lining is made of split full grain cow leather.