One of the most important parts of a mountain boot is the rubber sole.

A good sole should fulfil the following three key-points:

  • the rubber-compound should have an optimal balance between traction and resistance;
  • the design of lugs and sole should give comfort,
  • stability and security during multiple activities, and finally;
  • the quality of the mounting should avoid any risk of the sole coming off.
  • In order to fulfil the first two objectives, decades ago we initia-ted a very close and personal relationship with the world’s most experienced manufacturer of rubber soles for mountain boots: Vibram. Their daily work since 1936 in a continuous improvement of design and security has made them true experts in the art of making excellent soles. On our side, our daily work during more than sixty years have taught us how to fasten a sole onto the shoe so that it doesn’t come off even in the harshest environments.