Shock Absorbing Anatomical inner sole

  • Ref: Plant.
  • Sizes: EUR 36-48.

High density footbed which helps to keep the feet dry and to avoid early fatigue of feet and muscles. Thanks to its capacity to mould itself around the foot, the complete foot finds support and effective shock-absorption at each step.

Lined with strong Cambrelle®, the footbed prevents the build up of fungus, bacteria and offensive smells. It also helps to keep the feet dry thanks to its capacity to absorb humidity, to its breathability and its quick drying.


The level of rigidity of a boot depends mainly on its midsole.

We use six different Bestflex midsoles made from different materials, giving our boots five different levels of rigidity and flexibility, each ideal for its intended use.

The midsoles marked with a ‘+ P®’ are aditionally lined with PORON® Performance, which gives the boot a high energy return and excellent impact absorption for the complete life of the boo (for more information, see: PORON® Performance)


A midsole reinforced with a fiberglass shank, giving total rigidity and resistance to the sole and the boot. It is used in high mountain alpine boots, where the rigidity of the sole is of fundamental importance for advanced alpine mountaineering on both icy, snowy and rocky terrains, using automatic crampons etc.


A special midsole used in boots made according the traditional system of Norwegian stitching (twin seem stitching). It is a rigid sole, but with a certain degree of flexibility. The proper system of double seem stitching reinforces the rigidity of the boot.


A rigid midsole used in boots for activities in complicated terrains as well as for less-technical alpine climbing, but with a certain degree of flexibility for comfort during longer treks.


A midsole with a perfect balance of flexibility combined with lateral and longitudinal rigidity, ideal for trekking in mixed terrains of varying difficulties.


A flexible midsole with a good torsion resistance. Used in lighter and more flexible footwear built for outdoor activities with plenty of walking but in general in a not too rocky terrain.

PORON® Performance

In the latest generation of our mountaineering boots we have lined the midsole with PORON® Performance, which gives the boots unbeatable levels of

  • Absorption of impacts at each step, meaning a considerable reduction of shock to feet, knees, hips, spine and skull.
  • Return of energy at each step, meaning less early fatigue and higher efficiency during use.
  • General comfort at each step.

To use PORON® cellular urethanes for this purpose is a natural choice in our product policy, as it offers more shock absorption than any other known material, and also resists the tendency of other insole materials to bottom out and take a permanent compression set. This results in maximum comfort for the life of the shoe.