Sustainability Policy

Being a company located in the heart of the Serra de Tramuntana and made up of lovers of nature and of mountain & outdoor activities, it has always been completely natural for us to work with a series of very clear values and habits in this regard. This way of working, in favour of nature and against pollution, avoiding waste and the bad habits of today’s throwaway society, and so minimizing our ecological footprint, could be summarized in the following points: 

Manufacturing boots with long durability.

Our working philosophy has always been to make high quality technical mountain boots. Our aim is not only to make a comfortable boot with high technical and functional performance for a specific activity, but what is equally important is that the boot has the longest possible lifespan.

Making a boot as durable as possible is a way of working towards sustainability and trying to minimise waste on our planet, something that satisfies both the economic aspect and the environmental sensitivity of our customers.

IMPORTANT: In order to prolong the life of a boot as much as possible, your cooperation as a user is also very important. On the one hand, by using the boots for the activity for which they are designed (more information here), and on the other hand, by giving them proper care and maintenance (more information here).  

Manufacturing repairable boots to further extend their useful life.
It is normal and inevitable that the boots suffer some wear and tear, like any product that is subjected to intensive use. This is the case, for example, of the sole, usually the area with the most abrasion and wear. Other materials that might wear out are, for example, the inner Gore-Tex membrane, insoles, laces, etc.
In order to not throw away your boots once the sole, or another part of the boot, has worn out, we offer our customers a repair service. Another option is to take the boots to a specialist cobblers near your location. You can also buy original spare parts for easily changeable parts, such as laces and shoe soles.

Manufacturing in Europe with European materials
Using high-quality European materials has always been a constant throughout Bestard's history. In this way, we can obtain products with a high level of comfort, durability and finish, at the same time that we minimize the transport necessary to take the material to our factory, and then the finished product to our markets, minimizing our ecological footprint caused by transports.

Using leather
Traditionally, cowhide has always been the material par excellence for making hiking boots, and despite the introduction of many synthetic materials, at Bestard we continue using leather in a large part of our collection. Unlike synthetic materials, leather is 100% natural, biodegradable and a material of recovery.
To minimize the ecological impact of the tanning, we only work with two tanners, both able to meet our demands both for the quality of their products as for the ecological way of tanning: Perwanger in South Tyrol, and Heinen Terra-care in Germany. The extremely high level of quality of the leather of these two tanners is due, on the one hand, to their long tradition and passion as tanners, but also due to working only with hides from well-cared for European cows.

Low impact from our manufacturing process
The manufacture of mountain footwear itself is a clean process that generates little waste. Naturally, the little waste generated, is collected and treated by companies authorized for the treatment of industrial waste. In the administration department, most of the processes are digitlized, thus ensuring a minimum use of paper and ink. All paper used is recycled, and all paper thrown goes back to recycling.