Upper materials

High quality leathers

Cowhide is the traditional material in the manufacture of mountain boots, a natural product with excellent qualities in terms of comfort, softness, breathability, resistance and durability. If there is something that characterizes Bestard boots over the years, it is that we have always tried to choose the best leathers from the best European tanners.

Leather in its pure state has a thickness of about 8 mm. In the upper part of the skin, at the level of the epidermis (or grain), the fibers are tighter and stronger, making the upper part of the grain of the skin more durable, strong and resistant to water and cold.

Depending on the quality of each leather, it is divided into different thicknesses and is subjected to different treatments. Depending on the treatment of the tanner, they are converted into leathers with different characteristics. We use the following skins:

  • Amphibian skin (grain skin)
  • Nubuck leather
  • Split leather

The skins used have thicknesses between:

  • 2,8-3 mm (high mountain boots)
  • 2.2-2.6 mm (trekking boots) and
  • 1.6-1.8 mm (shoes).

Regardless of the type of leather and its use, all our leathers have undergone a total waterproofing treatment.

Amphibious leather

The most natural and original leather, where we have maintained and treated the outer part of the leather bovine, which makes it highly resistant and durable. In the upper part of the leather (epidermis, or grain) the fibers are tightly bound, making it more consistent, insulating and waterproof.

Nobuk Leather

Nobuk comes from full grain leather, the most natural and original leather, in which the outer part of the cowhide is maintained and treated. In this part (epidermis, or flower) the fibers are tightly bound, making it more consistent, insulating and resistant to water, cold and wear. To obtain the velvety face look of nubuck leather, this top layer has been lightly sanded into its natural grain to open the hair cells. The result is a leather with similar characteristics to grain leather, but softer, more breathable and with better absorption of water-repellent agents.

Split Leather

It is the second or lower layer of the leather, after removing the upper layer of the grain. It is a leather split with a buff face on both sides. Our split is a very high quality leather that has undergone a special treatment to obtain even more resistance and a more elegant appearance. An excellent choice for Trekking and Outdoor boots where lightness, flexibility, breathability and softness prevail.

Perwanger Leather

For our most robust mountaineering and trekking boots in suede, we only use the extraordinary leather from the prestigious Perwanger house. Located in the middle of the Tyrolean Alps, it has been making leather since 1780, and today it is the symbol of the best that can be used to make hiking boots. Its manufacture continues to be artisanal, and each one of its leathers is subjected to very harsh controls throughout the preparation process, to guarantee that they meet our demanding standards of waterproofing, resistance and finish.


Extremely strong fabric yet soft and light. High content of Kevlar ®, an ultra-light aramid fiber, which provides the following benefits to our boots:

  • an incomparable lightness / abrasion resistance ratio
  • great breathability
  • little water absorption and very fast drying
  • softness and quick adaptation to the shape of the foot
  • flexible without causing possible pinching in the flexion area.


Natural-looking synthetic fabric, famous for its high abrasion resistance. When other conventional materials have a worn appearance, CORDURA® maintains its soft-looking comfort and feel. The advantages of its use in boots are mainly translated into a light weight, a soft and flexible touch with a great capacity of perspiration.


Technical material with one of the most outstanding features that we maintain its extraordinary perspiration and incredible ligament. Unlike many other similar materials, the air-mesh used on the top of our footwear is also water repellent and very abrasion resistant.

Hooks, eyelets and rings

Hooks are key parts for mountain safety. All the hooks used by Bestard are resistant to corrosion by an HRT treatment and are placed in the boot with great precision and control so that they do not come loose. Thanks to the little friction caused by our hooks, the cords run easily through them, and their wear is minimal.

Most of our high mountain and advanced trekking boots carried a very sophisticated system of stainless steel ball hooks that reduce friction on the cord to zero. Thus, it is no longer necessary to tie and untie in each of the individual objects, but simply pull the cord from above and lock with the brake to tie, and unlock the brake to untie.

The Quick Lock system, incorporated in practically all models, consists of two brakes that allow the cane to be tied regularly without changing the foot of the foot.


All our cords have been manufactured to meet the most demanding standards of waterproofing and resistance. This way we ensure that they do not absorb water, and that they will hold up without problems in extreme conditions. . To prevent water from entering the seams due to the hair effect, we will only make completely water-repellent edges.