Vibram® Vento

With the development of the Vibram® VENTO sole we have achieved a great advance in the manufacture of technical outdoor footwear, achieving new and very high levels in terms of grip, breathability, cushioning and comfort in general .

High level of 360º perspiration and durable waterproofing:

The revolutionary design of the Vibram® VENTO sole allows us to design outdoor footwear with GORE-TEX® SURROUND® technology, which, without losing the protection and impermeability of the footwear, guarantees maximum breathability and interior comfort, by achieving a effective evacuation of heat and moisture also through the sole of the foot, thus increasing the breathable surface by 30% -40%.

High level of damping:

Another great advantage of the Vibram® VENTO sole is the high level of cushioning it provides, which translates into a considerable reduction in the force of impacts from each step, preventing them from being transmitted to the feet, knees, hips , spine and skull; a high level of energy return, which reduces fatigue and increases efficiency while riding, as well as an overall better feeling of comfort.

High level of grip, traction and stability

Thanks to the use of the Vibram Megagrip compound, in combination with the design of the studs, the Vibram® VENTO sole offers great stability and traction, an incomparable grip on both wet and dry surfaces, an optimal adaptability to the surface, as well as good robustness and abrasion resistance.

Our new boots with VENTO sole are, therefore, ideal models for use in moderate and hot climates and for activities in which greater breathability and comfort are desirable, such as, for example, summer hiking, long routes such as the Camino de Santiago or GR trails, aerobic activities such as Nordic Walking and Speed ​​Hiking, travel shoes etc…


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