Why choose Bestard?

Tradition, specialization and pride of a job well done

We are a family business that is proud to manufacture quality footwear, required by demanding users around the world since 1940. Despite the demand of our products, we have never been tempted to set goals for rapid and uncontrollable growth, or to diversify our business with other products. We have always preferred to concentrate on what we know how to do well, in small, controlled and careful production runs.

High quality technical boots in constant development and improvement

Our way of working has always been to combine our knowledge of making high quality footwear, with a constant technical development in terms of designs and materials, often in collaboration with leading companies in R&D and quality technical materials. This is how we manage to make the boots more comfortable, lighter, more resistant and more functional...

By mountaineers, for mountaineers

Bestard, since its foundation back in 1940, is located in LLoseta, at the foot of the Serra de Tramuntana in Mallorca, a place with a long tradition of mountain activities. Many of us who work here spend much of our free time in the mountain, as so do our friends and testers. This makes us experts in our own right on how a good mountain boot should perform. We are privileged to be able to design, manufacture and market the boot that we like to wear ourselves.

A wide range for all kind of uses

The constant development of products and materials allows us to offer a range of products for a growing variety of tastes and uses; from sturdy double alpine-style boots for Himalayan expeditions, to soft, flexible sneakers for a quiet walk in the woods or for everyday wear. Always, however, maintaining the quality, resistance, comfort, as well as a technical level, adapted to each kind of use.

Durability + repair service = sustainability

Our boots are built to last (at least as long as they are used for the right activity, and the usage and maintenance tips are followed). Also, if the boot needs to be repaired because, for example, the sole is worn out, we (or any specialized cobbler) will gladly carry out this repair to prolong the life of your boot even more. Thus, your boot will not only be a good economic investment in terms of cost per year of use, but also a good way to bet on a more sustainable and more environmentally friendly world.