The trend towards increasing mobility and a shift in travelling habits toward shorter but more frequent trips to both rural and urban destinations, as well as the urge for light and easy travel, has increased the demand for comfortable, functional and lightweight travel clothes and footwear.

Ideally, only hand luggage and one pair of shoes should be enough to manage perfectly a variety of different activities during a short trip, even if this means using the same shoe for enjoying the surroundings of a rural country hotel during the day and for strolling in the city centre later in the evening.

Our contribution is to offer the modern traveller a range of truly multi-use footwear which is suitable for ?just everything?, and to do so by combining the best designs and materials from urban footwear with technical components and smart solutions derived from our long experience in the manufacture of high-performance mountain boots.

Combining with this the fact that all models within the TRAVEL range which incorporate GORE-TEX® technology are durably waterproof while expelling internal moisture, this range is the ideal choice for a wide variety of activities and moods, such as travel, leisure, adventures, walking and everyday life.

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