Our philosophy has always been to make mountain boots with the highest level possible of quality and technology, combining our know-how in manufacturing quality footwear with a constant development and the incorporation of new and innovative materials, technologies and designs. Our definition of a technical, high quality boot has two different but equally important dimensions:

  • A technical boot is made with materials which have been specifically selected and adapted in order to give a 100% perfect technical performance in the specific use for which the boot has been specifically designed. ;
  • In a a high quality boot every detail in terms of design, manufacture and selection of materials is aimed at making a confortable, attractive and durable boot.

To ensure that the quality of our products reaches the levels that we have defined, and that we aim to achieve, we work with a series of external and internal quality controls. We control the quality and the performance both of of the products and of the manufacturing processes.


Of all the boots that we sell in a year, we receive only 0.4% in product defect returns: a record! (And of this 0.4% we return to the customer the repaired or replaced boots)


Before starting to manufacture a new serial product, the prototype must pass the following quality control filters. During the life cycle of each product, these processes are also repeated, in order to continuously improve the performance of each model.

Testing of new materials

Every time we incorporate new materials, we entrust independent laboratories such as INESCOP with the task of carrying out all the necessary tests to verify that this material meets our requirements for resistance, durability, breathability, waterproofing, etc.

Team of expert advisors "Bestard Test Team"

A series of prototypes of the new boot and/or materials are sent to a team of expert mountaineers, who submit them to real tests of functionality, durability, comfort, etc. In the event of technical or quality faults, the boot will be modified, or new materials will be selected, until we arrive to the boot we want to make.

Collaboration with W.L. GORE

All new products fitted with the Gore-Tex® lining and its corresponding logo should be tested and certified by the Gore laboratory. Both the boot and all its components should meet minimum requirements in terms of durable waterproofing, breathability, resistance to abrasion, etc. As an example, one of the many tests that Gore performs for new models in its laboratories in Germany is the walking simulator, which adequately mimics the process of walking in rainy conditions. Each boot must perform a minimum of flexes in the water while electronic sensors detect any moisture inside the boot, in order to determine that the construction and the materials maintain their durable waterproof function also after prolonged use.


To ensure that no boot is defective in the manufacturing process, we carry out the following quality control processes:

Quality control of materials

All the materials of the upper part of the boot (leathers, fabrics, laces, threads, etc ...) are subjected to a quality control both by Calzados Bestard and by the Gore laboratories to verify that they meet the required levels in terms of waterproofing, breathability, etc.

Waterproof test

Before each boot is assembled, each Gore-Tex bootie (which is what guarantees the durable waterproofness of each boot) is pressure inflated and immersed in water. Electronic sensors detect the slightest damage to the membrane or its heat-sealed seam. To avoid any problems, we 100% test the booties.

Control of finish and functionality during and after manufacture

At each stage of the manufacturing process, each boot is subjected to rigid optical control by the operator. Finally, once the boot is finished, we check the stability, the condition of all the components and the seams down to the last detail.


To control that the factory always maintains the same level of quality that was defined in the original design of all manufactured products, we continually choose products at random from production to perform the following tests: < / p>

Watertproof-test of the finished boot

A high-speed centrifuge is in charge of checking the internal watertightness and impermeability of randomly chosen boots.

Full control

In collaboration with Gore we carry out a 100% quality and functionality test in their laboratories on a number of boots chosen at random each year.

Bestard Test Team

We constantly provide a certain number of boots for demanding field testing by our team of testers.

The toughest test: yours. 

Finally, once the boot leaves our factory, the last test awaits, the hardest one: yours; as well as that of all the other users around the world who use our boots. We are proud to pass this tough test by far, as the number of returned boots with factory or material faults is very low (less than 0,5% of our yearly production). On the other hand, we are very pleased to receive your messages, both positive and negative, about the results that our boots have given you. We take this opportunity to thank you for all these messages, which, on the one hand, are very useful to us, and on the other, they give meaning and motivation to our daily work.

After sales service

Of the boots that we receive back, our Technical Department makes an exhaustive review to check if the problem falls within our product guarantee or not. If this is the case, we will repair or replace the boot free of charge. If the failure of the boot is not covered by our warranty, we offer the customer the possibility of repairing their boot at cost price. This work of course, is also a very useful source for us to discover possible faults we need to change in our strive of constant improvement of our products, materials and designs.